Maxxeus Dental Biologics


Maxxeus Dental is a leading provider of regenerative oral biologics.  Maxxeus offers a wide range of allografts for dental applications including socket extraction, periodontal defects, sinus augmentation and ridge preservation. Maxxeus offers the largest assortment of human osseous and membrane products for oral reconstruction.





Maxxeus Dental is a brand of Community Tissue Services, a not-for-profit tissue bank based in Dayton, Ohio since 1986. Community Tissue Services only produces allografts from donors recovered in the United States. Our core business is producing quality allografts for today’s modern surgical demands. With this focus, we have the expertise and knowledge to help with all your bone grafting needs.

In 2011 Community Tissue Services opened The Center for Tissue, Innovation and Research, a 90,000 square foot modern facility with 14 Class 100 clean rooms and a state-of-the-art air handling system. Maxxeus Dental is processed aseptically using only medical grade equipment and components. This sophisticated facility is one of the many elements that helps us reach a sterility assurance level of 10-6 for all of our Maxxeus Dental products in their final packaging.

Maxxeus Dental values the gift of donors and their families by maximizing the grafts recovered from every donor. By maximizing the gift, we provide one of the widest ranges of options for physicians performing dental surgery. This enables a physician to tailor grafts to a specific surgery rather than being constrained by other limited selections.

Maxxeus Dental’s vertically integrated operation and direct distribution could make a positive impact on both the patient and the surgeon through a state-of-the-art facility, exceptional graft selection, and superior dedication all at a reasonable cost.

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